Monday, June 20, 2011

My fuzzi stash!

I counted up my cloth diaper stash last night to see how many diapers I have that I actually use. My mom just bought me three more, so I figured I probably have enough now. I have 14 fuzzi bunz, 7 charlie banana, and 3 bumgenius. All 3 brands are pocket diapers (the only kind I use), and the bumgenius ones I use for nights only right now (they're a bit bigger than the fb and cb, so there's more room for stuffing). So, I have 24 diapers in use.  It's about the perfect number of diapers. I do laundry every two days, for one reason because my dirty diaper bag gets full and also to keep my diapers from staining. With 24 diapers, I have plenty to get me through while the laundry is getting done, in case it takes a little while, like if I start the laundry at night and put the diapers in the dryer before I go to work, she'll still have diapers to wear that day.

We have a range of colors, too! The newest additions were turquoise, mint, and choco truffle which gave me some more "gender-neutral" colors. I also have several pink, one purple, a few buttercream (one of my faves!), and 7 white diapers. My favorite is a Charlie Banana patterned diaper. It is white with pink flowers and butterflies; so pretty!

Here are some pics of Eleanor in her newest FuzziBunz diaper! I love the turquoise color (actually called "spearmint"). Isn't she the cutest?


Laura said...

Do you have to double stuff her diapers at night? Why? I'm a little slow at this diaper stuff ;)

Baley Dyan said...

Hey, Laura, just saw your question. I haven't double-stuffed her diapers much at night, but I'm going to start doing that as she seems to be wetting more at night (and then we find a wet crib in the morning).