Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm frustrated right now with the state of our country. It seems like people think they can sit around and collect checks from the government. It's called "redistributing the wealth." I'm not sure what entitles them to wealth that someone else has created/earned, but something sure does. I won't be one of the ones whose money gets taken from me (due to the fact that I'm poor) but I don't want to take money from someone else just because I can't afford a nice car or multiple houses. Shoot, I can barely afford my bills, but that doesn't entitle me to anyone else's money. For that matter, when I do have extra money, I think that the church (or other charitable organizations) is a better place to put my money to good use than giving it to the government to spend for me and to "redistribute." I'm all for helping the poor, just not for crippling the poor by giving them a paycheck. I need to work for my money, and I think others need to work for their money. For those who can't, there is already a safety net in place (but that should be for those who CAN'T not for those who are unwilling--and believe me, there are plenty of them). Anyways, I know this is just ranting, and I know there aren't many people reading this, but it helps me feel better to get it off my chest.