Thursday, June 9, 2011

Missing my baby

This morning I had to leave a smiling, happy baby and come to work. It about broke my heart. Last night, Eleanor was cranky and it seemed like nothing we did could make her happy. Eventually she settled down with a bath, a clean diaper, swaddling, and her paci. But then she just went to sleep. This morning, she wanted to play, but her mom had to go to work. Why does it seem to go like that? Yesterday she went to one grandma's house and was playful, talkative, and all in all a very happy baby. Today she's at another grandma's house, presumably having just as lovely of a day without me. I wonder what mood she'll be in tonight. I really hope I get to play with a happy baby for a couple of hours before she goes to bed! I miss my Eleanor.

Why do moms have to go to work? Is it this bad for dads, too?


taylor noel said...

Oh Baley, that's so sad! I would hate that! And I can only imagine how hard it is to leave her and be away for so long in the day... I am glad that she's got such lovely grandmas, but it's sad not to be able to be with her all the time. The funny thing is, I was just going to ask you how you were doing in this area, having to leave her to go to work and what it was like. Poor Baley. Now I know and it only confirms what I imagined. Thinking of you, lovely mama! :D I hope you'll get a wonderful cuddle when you come home - I know you will. :)

\S/ said...

Clearly I can't speak for all dads, but I know mine hated it. He would often call my mom from work to ask, "what's he doing now?"